Who we are

We are a group of gamers and developers from Australia, Spain and the US. We love to play Ultimate Team, but we are tired of spending money for the game. In our opinion the game is not fair. Gamers who are ready to spend a lot of money for FIFA Points will have it so much easier to build a strong squad than average gamers who don’t have so much time or simply not enough money. We hope the FIFA 22 hack for Ultimate Team brings more equality into the game. Everyone should be able to compete with each other in a fair way. Unfortunately, EA has no interest in making the game fair, because they are earnings billions each year. We don’t expect anything from them.

Have you heard of the FIFA Coin Generator before?

We are not the ones who developed the FIFA coins hack. We simply found it a few years ago when we played FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. At this time we wanted to get the best players as soon as possible, but we didn’t have the capacity to open hundreds of FUT packs. Therefore we looked for an alternative and found the online generator. First hesitated to use it, but after several days we were brave enough to give it a try.

Since then we had a lot of fun every single year and even made it into the Top 100 of FUT Champions several times. We didn’t spend any money for Ultimate Team tho. Right at the beginning of the game we already got players like Gullit, Ronaldo and Van Dijk. Pack openings are so much more fun, if you don’t spend money for them.

How it works

Since we didn’t develop the FIFA 22 hack we can’t really talk about technical details. Of course, we took a look into the source code to make sure everything is legit. What we can say is this: It doesn’t ask for your password, email or security question. You don’t need to download it either. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk for you.

If you need a step by step tutorial on how to use the hack, check this out. Also, read through the privacy policy if you need.


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